Pig Trotter


Simply Air-dried with No Additives, No Preservatives, Nothing! High in Protein, Low in Fat this Substantial, Long Lasting Treat is the perfect treat for those that like to chew.
Full of Meaty flavour, they're comprised of Skin, Meat, Cartilage and Tendon to chew and strip off the bone. This really is one for the senses as its great smell and chewy and crunchy texture will keep them interested, a perfect boredom buster and Natural Dental Chew.
Composition 100% Pig Trotter
Analytical Constituents Protein 45%, Natural Oils & Fats 23%, Ash 16%, Fibre 9%

When introducing a bone product, it's crucial to do so gradually, increasing chew sessions slowly. Please note that this product is not intended to be consumed in a single session. Always supervise your dog with treats and chews and provide clean fresh water at all times.

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