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Walker & Drake Puppy Chicken 1.5kg


With slightly increased protein and a smaller kibble size our yummy complete nutrition puppy food is a finely tuned blend of quality ingredients with vitamins and minerals to support growing dogs of all breeds. All pressed together using the minimal processing Cold Pressed technique, ensuring nutrients are locked in! Made in the UK.
Grain & Gluten Free
Added Vegetables & Botanicals
Formulated For Growing Puppies
The Best Dry Alternative to Raw Food
Easily Digestible - Gentle on Small Tummies
Dried Chicken 26%, Flaked Potato 25%, Pea Protein 10%, Pea Flour 10%, Potato Protein 6%, Poultry Fat 6%, Sweet Potato 5%, Brewers Yeast 2%, Beet Pulp 2% (source FOS), Whole Egg Powder 2%, Hydrolysed Chicken 2%, Salmon Oil 1%, Rapeseed Oil 1%, Blueberry 1%, Cranberry 1%, Gelatin Powder 0.1%, Yucca Extract 0.1%, Glucosamine Sulphate (415mg/kg), Chondroitin Sulphate (180mg/kg).
Crude Protein 33% • Crude Oils and Fats 12% • Crude Fibres 2% • Crude Ash 8.5% • Moisture 8%.

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